We are building a movement across Alameda County that lifts up the voices and political power of child care workers, child care center directors and parents who represent every facet of our communities:

  • Ensure that child care workers earn at least $15 an hour.
  • Improve child care quality by connecting child care workers to existing professional development and education resources throughout the state.
  • A powerful voice for child care workers and parents.
  • Advocate for and create ongoing investment in early care and education programs across California.

Alameda County early educators and partners have played a leading role in Raising California Together’s statewide work to raise standards and increase investment in child care throughout California.

Through Raising Alameda, we are focused on winning similar results locally. Here is what we have achieved together so far in partnership with others:

  • We fought side-by- side with parents and community allies to make sure California’s kids, working parents and child care workforce were a priority in last year’s state budget. Together we won $527 million to increase quality by investing in child care workers’ wages and expand access for California’s children.
  • In the last 2 years, the SEIU Early Educator Training Center (SETC) has won $4 million in funding, including an $800,000 grant to strengthen the Head Start workforce in Alameda County. SETC also includes a first-of- its-kind apprenticeship program in Los Angeles, where child care workers earn teacher permits and college degrees at no cost, earn higher wages, and receive on-the- job training and mentoring by leaders in their field.
  • We developed trainings to help equip child care workers with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to prevent serious injuries to keep them healthy and on the job. We also developed know-your- rights trainings to educate child care staff about how they can protect themselves and the families they serve from immigration practices that break up families.
  • We supported local work that raises the income level cutoff for child care assistance in order to help parents who earn the minimum wage to keep their affordable child care so they can continue to work with their children can keep their care.
  • Alameda County child care providers met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Leader Nancy Pelosi, Governor Jerry Brown, Assembly member Rob Bonta, and the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to build support for child care workers and families.