Who are Child Care Workers?

The child care workforce is almost exclusively female, includes many older women of color, and includes large numbers of recent immigrants, first generation college students and mothers.

In Alameda, approximately 5,000 center workers earn an average $12.40 per hour.

Many of the estimated 1,600 family child care providers in Alameda County, earn as little as $5-8 per hour.

54% of child care workers worry about having enough food for their families

75% of child care workers worry about having enough money to pay monthly bills

30% Turn over rate within the early childcare profession

46% of child care workers rely on public assistance

How are families and children affected?

Parents and kids suffer as a result of these poverty wages for the ECE workforce:

69% of children with working parents in Alameda County do not have access to licensed family child care.

24,000 Alameda County children qualify for financial assistance for child care but don’t receive it.

In Alameda County, child care costs are comparable to tuition at UC Berkeley